Love Chocolates were created with your taste buds in mind. The flavours are based on commercially available sweet treats ranging from ice creams, to cakes, to drinks and of course chocolates. There are not only the traditional flavours you know and love but also newly created flavours that were inspired by family and friends.

Cherry Royale

Whole tart cherries covered in our creamy milk chocolate.

Chocolate Praline

Chocolate flavoured hazelnut praline covered in milk chocolate.

Cookie Dough

A sweet vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough centre covered in milk chocolate.

Creamed Expresso

A chewy coffee flavoured centre surrounded with splashes of cream and covered in dark chocolate.

Fruit Cake

A delicate blend of fruit, nuts and spices with a splash of orange covered in dark chocolate

Fruit & Nut

The bitter of walnut pieces is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of raisins and covered in milk chocolate

Heartful Strawberry

Soft strawberry jam toffee. A sweet yet slightly tart chewy strawberry centre covered in milk chocolate,

King Mango

Mango cream centre with a hint of cardamom and a splattering of mango pieces. Covered in milk chocolate.

Orange Fudge

These centres are soft and gooey with an orange flavour reminiscent of chewable vitamin C. Covered in dark chocolate.

Peppermint Ice

A firm yet creamy peppermint centre covered in dark chocolate.

Smooth Caramel

Oh so sweet, oh so soft and oh so smooth caramel covered in milk chocolate.

Uplifting Lemon

A sweet creamy lemon madeira batter type fondant covered in dark chocolate.

Yin Yang White

Creamy white chocolate toffee centre covered in milk chocolate

The Golden Bar

A sweet, chewy chocolate nougat topped in smooth caramel and covered in Belgian style chocolate.