About Us

Rawkiss was born from the desire to create healthy foods that we, our friends, and family could enjoy. Our aim was to create a range of products that did not taste like traditional healthy food but to create food that tasted similar or better than what is currently commercially available and we believe we succeeded in this aim with our delicious and nutritious chocolates, biscuits, creme cakes, slices and bliss balls.

Having tried all of the sweet treats we could get our hands on, we decided to apply our knowledge of wholefood nutrition with our experience of how to make food for the fussiest eaters and create our own recipes. After years of making and fine tuning the recipes it seemed only right to make the completed LOVE range available to you.

We believe that it is important to help those who cannot help themselves and donate 10% of net profits to animal sanctuaries.

And we couldn't offer these chocolates without making sure our environmental footprint wasn't too big.  At every opportunity we choose the most environmental option available to us; be it using recycled materials, having vegetable ink printing or using plant plastic.