Welcome to RAWKISS, a boutique raw and organic confectionery shop for the health conscious connoisseur.
We supply heart opening foods that inspire sharing.
These foods are healing and nourishing and provide energy and life.
Our deepest gratitude to Mother Earth for providing the inspiration and the ingredients.

In today's world it has become even more important to look after our own health & well-being through making empowered choices with the food we eat. Eating food in its raw natural state promotes good health by providing nutrients for the body to heal itself. Heating whole raw food above 46 degrees celcius destroys the enzymes and reduces the vitamin and mineral content of the food. It is hard for the body to digest heated food and in particular processed food, and if the body is unable to digest the food, which is a problem with hydrogenated fats, then it stores it.

At RAWKISS we believe that good health should taste good and we strive to bring to you the best tasting health food we can. Our aim is to provide you with healthy alternatives to the standard commercial sweet delicacies available with no compromise on taste and far superior in nutrition.

What's great is that all the ingredients are whole foods and have health enhancing properties and best of all, what's good for you is good for the planet!

Naturally Free Of:

GMO’s, Preservatives, Chemicals, Pesticides, Cholesterol, Gluten, Cane Sugar, Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Peanuts, Alcohol, Guilt...

Naturally Contains:

Omegas 3 6 9, Lauric Acid, Magnesium, Vitamin E, B Vitamins, Iron, Zinc, Fibre, Phytonutrients and much more. Low GI Sweetener (Low Glycaemic Index is preferred by Diabetics).

Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly


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